The Christian’s Great Purpose

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 17, 2021
The third component of the Christian armour, the footwear, portrays us on the march for Gospel witness. It is readiness for Gospel work. Here are seven essential parts of readiness, and the means provided by God for these to remain present in the heart.

The Breastplate of Righteousness

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 10, 2021
The apostle shows how righteousness acts to be protective of the heart or affections in a saved person - a large target of the devil. Here is how self-denial, love for Christ and obedience to the commandments garrison the heart from pollution and shame.

The Belt of Truth

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 3, 2021
The foundational piece of the Christian's armour is firstly objective truth - the unchanging doctrines of the faith. (The sword, later, is Scripture used 'offensively' to make Christ known). Secondly, the belt is also subjective truth, truthfulness and sincerity for which here are helpful rules.

Be Strong in the Lord

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 26, 2021
The introductory passage to the magnificent description of the Christian 'armour' - all that is needed in the spiritual warfare to defend against the wiles of the devil and to preserve and enhance instrumentality for the Lord. Each item is a wonder of grace and effectiveness.

Mutual Ministry and Worship

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 19, 2021
Beginning with the duty of conversation, admonition and encouragement between believers the apostle moves to the blessing of singing psalms plus hymns and spiritual songs (here defined), the elements of true worship (public and personal) and the importance of melody of the heart.

Filled with The Spirit

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 12, 2021
Charismatic thinking mistakenly sees similarities between the effects of alcohol and the filling of the Spirit. This verse describes tremendous differences between them. Here are the details of Spirit-filling together with the fruit and the means of obtaining this filling.

Facing Struggles in the Faith

- Pastor Jonathan Stobbs - Sunday AM September 5, 2021

The Duty and Blessing of Attending God’s House

- Pastor Jonathan Northern - Sunday AM August 29, 2021

Walking In and For Light

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 22, 2021
In a marvellous overview of the Christian's walk and duties, the apostle shows how they should demonstrate the light of Christ in new life; how they should channel the message of light, and how they may enlighten their surroundings or new posting in this fallen world.

Marcher dans la lumière et pour la lumière

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 22, 2021
Dimanche 22 août 2021, matin  Prédication de Dr Peter Masters Dans un aperçu merveilleux de la marche du chrétien et de ses responsabilités, l'apôtre Paul nous montre en quoi le chrétien devrait démontrer la lumière de Christ dans la vie nouvelle, être un reflet du message de la lumière, et éclairer…