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The Only True Freedom

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 17, 2021
True freedom means liberty from all forms of fame and power. Antagonistic to our wellbeing,  freedom from sin and its consequences, and all other hindrances to spiritual life and happiness. Here is why it can only come through meeting with Jesus Christ.

The Roving Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 10, 2021
The best known of all Christ's parables traces the journey of a lost soul into a far country away from God, before circumstances conspire to awaken and bring the wanderer to seek reconciliation, pardon, purpose, happiness and eternal life. Here is the lovingkindness of the Lord.

Barriers to Finding God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 3, 2021
When a likeable rich young ruler asked Christ what he should do to gain eternal life, the Lord's questioning uncovered massive obstacles that blocked his progress. Here they are - and they are common to us all. But Christ can remove them and bring us to Himself.

True Freedom

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 26, 2021
In a parable of servants waiting for their Lord, Christ portrays the human race, enslaved by endless alternatives to God, and spurning the liberty of His kingdom. Here are the futile masters we serve and the contrasting lovingkindness of the Lord in conversion to Him.

Proofs of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 19, 2021
Why does God not make Himself more obvious? - so the question goes. Though His existence is obvious, it is obscured by mankind's attitude to Him. Here are the reasons for our hostility and alienation, and how God ends the 'war' by the conversion of seekers.

Gaining Life in the Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 12, 2021
The 'natural man', says the Bible, does not receive the things of God, regarding them as foolishness. Why is this? What are the differences between 'natural' (unconverted) people and those who believe? How may we find forgiveness, spiritual life and purpose from God?

How to Enter the Kingdom

- Pastor Jonathan Stobbs - Sunday PM September 5, 2021

A Plea To Those Who Put Off All Serious Thought About God

- Pastor Jonathan Northern - Sunday PM August 29, 2021

Milestones of Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM August 22, 2021
A brief biography of Peter, one of the first disciples, showing his calling by Christ (and partial response), then his conviction of personal sin, his realisation of Christ's divinity and work, and the critical stage - the full dawning of faith and surrender.

Les jalons de la foi

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM August 22, 2021
Dimanche 22 août 2021, soir  Prédication de Dr Peter Masters Une courte biographie de Pierre, l'un des premiers disciples, montre son appel par Christ (et sa réponse partielle), puis sa conviction personnelle de péché, sa réalisation de l'oeuvre de Christ et de Sa divinité, et l'étape ultime, la foi et l'abandon…