The Real Purpose of Life

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM December 5, 2021

God’s Training of Believers

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM December 5, 2021
A seemingly unusual but crucial concept given by Paul in this passage is that grace disciplines and trains. Here is how, with the apostle's remarkable summary of the believer's aim and objectives in this present world, as they look eagerly for the Lord's return.

The Case for Conversion

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 28, 2021
King Solomon's compelling illustrations of our spiritual need urge us to see the tragedy of living without the help of God, and without ever knowing the way to the city of pardon and blessing. 

Ask, Seek, Knock

- Dr Jeff Riddle - Sunday AM November 28, 2021

What is True?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 21, 2021
The unshakeable certainty and assurance of an apostle who can say, 'We know that we are of God.'  How? Here is the solid basis of truth of the Christian message and the quality of evidence that runs through the lives of Christian believers.

An Apostle’s Concept of Ministry

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM November 21, 2021
Paul's dependence on the prayers of believers comes first, especially for openness and plainness of speech - and this is what this should mean for today. Here also are the vital components of biblical ministry, and the stirring concept of an ambassador in bonds.