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6:30pm | Sunday 15 May 2022

Being Without God in the World

If we have no connection with Christ we have only physical life, but no experience of spiritual life, no understanding of the purpose of life, no acceptance by God, no power to shape character, and no eternal life. Here is how Christ provides all these.
11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2022

Discerning the Biblical Message

Exodus Israelites included believers and witnessed miraculous deliverances and provisions, yet they fell into various sins. Their actions and God's responses are a pattern for later ages. It is not allegorising to draw these intended lessons (here reviewed) for avoiding sin.
7:30pm | Wednesday 11 May 2022

When God Sows Seed

Part of a series of Bible Studies entitled ‘Lessons in Faith’.
6:30pm | Sunday 8 May 2022

Is Your Soul Dead or Alive?

The Saviour's first incident of raising the dead took place at Nain, as a funeral party headed to the burial place. He showed his divinity and power, his vast compassion, and his readiness to impart spiritual life to the dormant and inactive souls of men and women.
11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2022

Self-Preparation for Service

Paul makes himself all things to all men. Here is the wrong (common today) and the right sense of his words. Then we draw applications from Paul's 'focused athlete' illustration, and his profound conception of the body as a servant of the mind.
7:30pm | Wednesday 4 May 2022

Lessons in Prayer From Nehemiah

'And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven.'
6:30pm | Sunday 1 May 2022

The Shadow of Life

King David looks back to his experiences of deep cynicism, describing how it gave way to a realisation of the futility of life without God. He saw life as a 'shadow', and provides us with a prayer for approaching and finding a forgiving God. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermons: The Greatest Rescue of Life, Seeking The Purpose of Life
11:00am | Sunday 1 May 2022

Motives and Sincerity

Paul proves his apostleship - here are the unique tasks and qualifications of apostles as the church's foundation. Paul was motivated by his commission for God, by a desire to reach souls (at great personal cost), and by the great joy of seeing a harvest.
7:30pm | Wednesday 27 April 2022

Awakening under Hezekiah

From a series entitled 'Lessons in Faith' from the life of Hezekiah.
6:30pm | Sunday 24 April 2022

The Conversion of Damaris

'A woman called Damaris' appears as a footnote in the biblical account as one who believed in Christ through hearing Paul's great sermon at Mars Hill, Athens. What convinced her? Why did she from that time 'glue' herself to Christ and His teaching? You May Be Also Interested in… Booklet: Seven Certain Signs of True ConversionSermons: The Case for Conversion,

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