Our Wonderful Saviour

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM December 26, 2021

The Kingdom of Priests

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 4, 2020
The contrast between rejected Israelites who invented their own 'gods' to their taste, and the remnant who feared the Truth. Then the great upheaval of the New Testament and the lasting features of revived Zion of elect Jews and Gentiles and their worship.

God Explains His Future Policy

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 14, 2020
The call of the Gentiles along with a saved remnant of Israelites will form the New Testament church, the new creation (completely fulfilled in eternal glory). Here are the special blessings of Christ's people, saved Jews and saved Gentiles, and how diverse saved personalities fellowship.

The Feelings of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 7, 2020
First God's indignation at those hostile to believers and Truth (and how Calvary makes their judgement possible). Secondly, God's kindnesses to believers, and how He is affected by our troubles; then God's delight in surprising believers with unexpected blessings all the way to glory.

The Accomplishments of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM September 30, 2020
Messiah speaks of His coming to give forgiveness, life and liberty to lost souls, with happiness and righteousness. Here also is amazing detail of the nature and work of the new Jewish-Gentile church, with a unique pledge of protection and security from Messiah.

The Beauties of the Gospel Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday AM September 2, 2020
The Gospel era will bring an amazing Gentile harvest, transforming Zion into a proclaiming organ, with a mutual love between saved Jews and Gentiles, extending throughout the world. Little Israel will beome a worldwide church. Here are the many precious characteristics - our goal today. Full Service Recordings:

Personal Reformation

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday AM August 19, 2020
In a great call to sincerity the prophet exposes the human tendency to hypocrisy in worship, asserting that any worship that does not change and shape life is useless before God, then outlines the magnificent blessings flowing from conscientious striving for holiness. Full Service Recordings:

Two Distinct Peoples

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 12, 2020
Here is the contrast between the people of Christ and the children of this world, with their entirely different worldviews, lifestyles, aims and commitments. Here also is the equality before God in every sense of believers of all backgrounds, and their eternal safety. Full Service Recordings:

The Gospel of the Coming Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 5, 2020
Isaiah adopts the stance of a Gospel-age preacher proclaiming individual reconciliation and direct access to God by grace alone. Demonstrating Gospel reasoning he speaks of Christ and of Gentile salvation, crediting the outcome to irresistible grace - all with the astounding clarity of prophetic vision. Full Service Recordings

The Awesome God

- Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM August 2, 2020
Full Service Recordings:

The Glories of the Gospel Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 22, 2020
The magnificent prophecy of the Gospel church describes Christ's benefits and commission to his N.T. people giving us, 1) a new territory; 2) a new relationship; 3) a new composition, and 4) a new victory. Here are the promises of God for our preservation and power. Full Service Recordings:

Calvary in Isaiah

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 15, 2020
In language of soaring beauty and with characteristic detail and precision the prophet presents first, Christ's exalted qualifications; secondly, His contrasting humiliation for the work of redemption; thirdly, His rejection; and fourthly, His unique and harrowing atonement, and finally our utter dependence upon Him. Full Service Recordings:

Isaiah Describes the Church of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 8, 2020
Nearly 700 years before the coming of Christ, the prophet details the principal features of the church to come: a people preserved; a people born in new revelation; a people who listen to God, and a people who live to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Full Service Recordings:

The New Children of Zion

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 1, 2020
Having already said so much about Christ and His future church, Isaiah now shows the astonishing features of the coming Gentile conversion, the unreasonableness of unbelief to be overpowered, and the infallibility of Christ especially in the upholding of His redeemed people. Full Service Recordings:

The Redeemer Revealed

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 24, 2020
This review of four chapters begins with the fall of Babylon biblically foreshadowing the demise of this unbelieving world at the end of time (including the collapse in shame of evolution). Here also are the words of Messiah about His coming and work in the world. Full Service Recordings:

The Vindication of the Saved

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 17, 2020
Here the N.T. church is shown to consist of those who are elect, spiritually converted, connected in a spiritual family, professing Christ and pledged to Him. Here also is how God superintends history for the church, including today as we approach the end of time. Full Service Recordings:

The Harvest of the Future Gospel Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 3, 2020
The Gospel era will be for believers a time of labour for the Lord with much opposition, but here are the comforts of God beginning with Isaiah's six great arguments for assurance. Here also are predictions of regenerating power and many special provisions. Full Service Recordings:

Hidden Things of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 31, 2020
People have always looked outside the concept of one true God to man-made gods (and to 'no-God') for the meaning of life.  Here is why, and all that they miss, and here also is how God enters countless lives bringing eternal blessings. Full Service Recordings:

The Work of the Future Gospel Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 27, 2020
With further inspired insights into the Gospel era the prophet describes an entirely new order in which the church will proclaim Christ and His accomplished salvation, sing a new hymnody extending the book of Psalms, and labour as the church militant in evangelism. Full Service Recordings:

God’s Promises to the Gospel Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 20, 2020
An unbelieving world, says Isaiah, will be deaf to the message behind God's mighty events (whether conquest or pandemic) while believers will know His love and power, and reap a great spiritual harvest. Here we explore the prophet's powerful words and their fulfillment.

The Power of the Gospel Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 13, 2020
In this prophecy of the church age Isaiah demonstrates the challenging character of Gospel preaching, first stressing the obviousness of God, then His sovereign rule throughout history, and finally the rewards of faith and prayer - especially the power and strength imparted by Him.

Isaiah Describes the Christian Era

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 6, 2020
It is astonishing just how much Isaiah was shown about the age of Messiah and the composition and work of the Gospel church. In just 17 verses of sublime literature we are given 11 features and doctrines of the Jewish-Gentile church of Christ.

God’s Way of Discipline

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 29, 2020
More on Hezekiah's repentance. He is dying at 39 with no sons, and rendered unfit to continue the Davidic line. He thinks he is eternally lost and makes his model repentance, soon marred by another compromise. How very like our church situation today!

Threefold Repentance and Reformation

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 22, 2020
King Hezekiah's soundness is seen in his purge of idolatry and sincere commitment when disciplined by the Lord. But he continued in compromise with Assyria and Egypt. Here is his repentance for this also, and the consequent remarkable blessing, with application to our compromises today.

Christ’s Church in Isaiah

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 15, 2020
Over three chapters there are several major prophecies about Christ's coming church covering firstly her doctrinal foundation (eg: Christ the hiding place - justification), then her conversion characteristic, then her worship priority, then her laws, and finally her pilgrim ethos. Here are details and applications.

Conditions for Blessing

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 1, 2020
The Lord's chief complaint against Judah is their following human schemes not His Word. Here are applications to us today, both as churches, and as individuals in lockdown, along with the predicted blessings (and other conditions) that will come to the faithful.

Acts of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 18, 2020
A prophecy about the fall of Samaria and later the Babylonian invasion of Judah tells us much about God’s method and purpose when He allows HIV, MERS, SARS, earthquakes, floods, fires, and now worldwide plague. Here also is God’s promise of personal salvation.

Devotional Counsels

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 11, 2020
In the light of end-time events here are the themes on which to reflect for assurance, inner peace, trust, spiritual stability, and a view of the sovereign work of God. Here also are features of human nature that influence many situations.

The End of Time

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 4, 2020
In just one chapter of striking symbols lies the most remarkable vision of the final judgement, the setting apart of the redeemed, the end of all antagonism and the judgement of demons. It is followed by the rhapsodic praise of Zion's eternal inhabitants.

The Valley of Vision

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 26, 2020
A community so privileged with the Temple and the prophets, and so devout in worship, are to be disciplined for the failure of real dedication to the Lord - the prevailing feature of so much evangelicalism today. Here is Isaiah's challenging analysis and application.

The Lessons of Babylon

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 19, 2020
Long before the rise of Babylon Isaiah foretells her character and fall. She aspired to be as Lucifer, and how she reflects Satan her ultimate master, and also Antichrist of the last times. Literal Babylon fell, and so will the culture of the world that she symbolises.

God Purges His People

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 12, 2020
The ten northern tribes receive a last warning, then their fall (722BC) is predicted. As for Judah, she will also be punished by Assyria but with the miraculous deliverance of Jerusalem, the surviving remnant of the discipline. Here are lessons for spiritual service in our day.

The Testing of Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 5, 2020
The prophet Isaiah confronts Ahaz, king of Judah, over his pending appeal to Assyria for military aid. The king refuses a sign-miracle, and the coming of Messiah by virgin birth is announced. Here objections are answered and lessons drawn for present day believers.

The First Lesson for Service

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 29, 2020
Isaiah places his message first, coming to his own call in chapter six. The overwhelming holiness of the Lord, seen by vision, crushes him, leading to forgiveness and commissioning, and here are the lessons for soul winning and warning so often left unapplied today.

Six Features of Mankind

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 15, 2020
Over 2700 years ago the prophet's vision describes the full scale of human nature and man's fallen behaviour in six remarkably concise yet profound categories. There is nothing so penetrating even in the New Testament as the astonishing scenario of the vineyard parable and the six woes. 

Church Age Predictions

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 8, 2020
Isaiah predicts Judah's future troubles through invasion and captivity of all the leading men, showing the reasons for judgement, especially the vaunting of man. Here is the application to the church today, and here also is a magnificent detailed prophecy of the New Testament age.

Isaiah’s Prophecy of Christ’s Coming

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday AM December 25, 2019
Proceeding in the manner of an unfolding mystery tale, the prophet begins on the remote, rural start, and step by step, reveals the astounding coming of the Son of Man and Son of God, rising to the magnifying of His saving power and love.

Christ and the Church Foretold

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM December 22, 2019
Isaiah's first prophecy of Christ and His Kingdom; its characteristics, conversions and blessings; culminating in the prophet's inspired appeal - as from the heart of God - for people to learn the way of salvation and walk in this light to the Heavenly city. 

Introducing the Evangelical Prophet

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM December 11, 2019
Isaiah introduces his prophecies with vivid descriptions of the desperate plight of Judah - yet she was in great prosperity. But he speaks in earthly terms of her spiritual state, listing failings mirrored in our churches today. Here are the Lord's warnings and remedies.

God’s Thoughts and Ours

- Dr. Nick Needham - Sunday PM September 1, 2019

Who Are You Listening To?

- Pastor Chris Hand - Sunday AM August 25, 2019

The Church Age Prophesied

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 22, 2019
A chapter teeming with detailed prophecy of Christ's person and work together with the characteristics of the Gospel Age and the uniting of saved Jews and Gentiles in the church. Here it is also proved that Messiah will be a divine person and not the nation.

God’s Thinking Compared with Ours

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 10, 2019
Isaiah's sublime poetry exhorts the superiority of God's thoughts and plans - so benevolent, magnificent and certain. Here is what God thinks of us, and what He is ready to do for us, if we listen to Him and turn to Him for a new life.

The Fall of Man

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 9, 2018
The 'depraved' human condition was acknowledged for centuries past because it is so obviously true. Here Isaiah shows human unreasonableness before God, alienation, rebellion, and inability to change. Here also is the way to find God's forgiveness and life-changing power.

Abundant Pardon for Seekers

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM June 17, 2018

Life In A Look

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM April 15, 2018

Behold Your God!

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 1, 2018
Our society today knows so little about almighty God, having wilfully shut Him out of all consideration. But look, says the Bible, at His attributes, ways and plans. Consider the uniqueness of God and compare His actions, plans and promises with those of human society.

Reasoning with God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 18, 2018
Isaiah portrays God as issuing a call to us to reason or argue with Him about His terms for a relationship. What are our grounds for keeping away from Him? What would He say about this, and how would He deal with us?

The Discovery of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 26, 2017
The human plight of today is looking away from God and alienation from Him. Here is the gracious appeal of God that stirs us from unawareness to see our spiritual need, and to experience His reconciling kindness in conversion. Here is the call of God.

Living in a State of Fear

- Pastor Chris Hand - Sunday AM August 27, 2017

A True-Hearted Faith

- Mr Chris Cooper - Wednesday PM August 2, 2017

A Mighty Hand To Save Sinners

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM March 26, 2017

When God Intervenes

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 12, 2017
The authentic call of God when a 'voice from behind us' breaks through the turmoil of life summoning us to consider our Maker. The call is about reconciliation with God, about forgiveness and how Christ has secured it, about receiving new life. Will we respond to Him?

Freedom from Life’s Burdens

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 24, 2016
Isaiah shows God's case in His dispute with mankind, and the limitations and bondage of life without Him (seen in the prophet's famous 'cart-rope' illustration). Here is all that God has done for mankind, and His power and kindness in receiving individual seekers.

Our Substitutes for God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 8, 2016
It has been said that atheists have more 'gods' than anyone, but all have more than they realise. Here is what they are, why we cling to them, and what they do to us. Only conversion to the true God releases us from them and their service.

The Nature and Scope of Love

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 24, 2016
The phenomenon of human love, what drives it, its strengths and limits and why rationalists cannot explain it. The superiority of Divine love, the mystery of why it is not wanted, the consequences of missing it, and how it may be experienced and proved.

Disabilities of the Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 10, 2016
700 years before Christ, Isaiah describes the radical change that conversion brings about, using pictures of sight to the blind, agility to the crippled, and rivers streaming into the desert. Here is how the phenomenon of new life enters heart and soul when we come to Christ.

Prepared for Eternity

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 25, 2015
Isaiah the prophet long ago uttered the famous message to King Hezekiah of Judah, 'set your house in order: for you shall die'. Here we view the five 'departments' of the soul and ask if they are fit for the great journey into eternity?

The Appeals of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 5, 2015
God's own campaign for our souls, and His statement of the human problem of unbelief and detachment from Him. Here, through Isaiah, is God's reasoned call to us, with what He must do if we refuse, and His amazing kindness if we respond.

Proof that Christ is Saviour

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 7, 2014
Isaiah's remarkable prophecy of Christ on the cross - written 700 years beforehand - describes 30 different things that were perfectly fulfilled. Here are some of them, all proving that Christ is the Son of God and Saviour of all who trust in Him.

Set Your Life In Order

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM December 29, 2013

He That Believes

- Rev. John Thackway - Wednesday PM September 18, 2013

Our Thoughts Compared with God’s

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 1, 2013
God's thoughts are so much higher than ours. He knows everything that happens - past, present and future - all the time, and His plans and intents are holy, perfect, just and fair. Ours are so different. Only God could conceive of a plan of free salvation for us, described…

Giving Account to God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM August 18, 2013
What will we do, asks Isaiah, in the day God brings us to account for our life? At the moment God disrupts our indifference to Him, or our defiance of Him, what will become of us? Here are examples of futile human defences. The only Saviour must be sought before…

Is it Sickness or Sin?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 21, 2013
According to the Bible morally evil behaviour is both. People sin knowingly and wilfully, and this turns into a disease, but one for which they remain responsible, because God's forgiveness and re-making is freely available. Here are the facts about conversion to the Lord.

Totally Unexpected Facts about God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 14, 2013
We see the marvels of Creation, but do not grasp the attributes of God, nor how He reconciles people with Himself. We are usually amazed when we first focus on the 'unexpected things of God', that draw us to seek Him.

Everyone Has An Invisible Burden

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 1, 2012
Our greatest problem is not sickness, hardship or even death, but something we carry beyond death - the silent burden of guilt. Only the forgiveness of God can eradicate guilt and here is how God has made this possible, and how we may be reconciled with Him.

Portrait of the Prophets

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 15, 2012

Discovering Your God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 29, 2012
Countless people, pre-occupied with material things, have suddenly heard about the real God, His powers and plans, and been totally surprised. Then they have heard about human alienation from God and the remedy and have found Him for themselves. This is for all who have never considered their God.

God appeals to Reason

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 15, 2012
Before conversion, the claims of God mean nothing to us, but when God's Word speaks to our hearts, the challenge becomes inescapable. Self-searching begins, and the kindness of God's forgiving love is grasped as never before. Here is God's reasoning with souls.

How God Thinks

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 23, 2011
How vastly different God's thoughts are from ours! Here is what He thinks about our indifference to Him and about showing mercy and love to us by sending an atoning Saviour. Here also is a comparison of God's views and ours on matters that decide our eternal calling.

Peace comes from Righteousness

- Rev. Dick Saunders - Sunday PM September 18, 2011

How Christ Calls to Our Souls

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 20, 2011
We are called to turn away from lives in which God is excluded, and to seek and rely on Jesus Christ. Why? What is He really like? What has He done? What can He do for us, now, and eternally? What is it like to know Him, and what are…

The Way God Reasons

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 14, 2010
A passage which describes the compassion of God in urging people to listen to Him and approach Him. Here is God’s reasoning with us, laying out the problem separating us from Him, and His way of bridging the gulf.